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Group travel is a burden. We know, we tried, you shouldn't have to. This year, we're working hard to simplify your trip to Olomouc by helping you get the best value, stress-free.

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    We've partnered with TravelSupport, an expert travel service run by past NMUN delegates, to bring easy and affordable travel to all NMUN•Europe attendees.

    • Save big on train tickets. We'll get you a quote for the best possible fare, including group discounts.
    • Bundle inexpensive airport transfers with your trip to Olomouc. We'll even pick you up. In person.
    • Planning on exploring beyond Olomouc? We can take care of personalized itineraries, too.

    The NMUN Train

    Dedicated transportation between Prague and Olomouc will be available to offer a more convenient travel experience for delegations and staff.

    • Prague to Olomouc
      Sunday, Nov 22 late afternoon
    • Olomouc to Prague
      Saturday, Nov 28 around midday
    • Other delegations will be transported by commercial train services

    Your travel options

    Prague to Olomouc

    250 km/155 mi | 2h10min – 2h25min

    At the counter13 €
    Online9 – 19 €

    Prague Airport transfers

    30–50 minutes to Central Station

    Taxi20 €
    AirportExpress bus2.50 €

    Vienna Airport to Olomouc

    225 km/140 mi | 2h45min – 4h30min

    Train (2 transfers)28 €
    Direct shuttle van25 – 28 €

    All fares are one-way, per person. Direct connections unless specified.
    Your fare will be calculated based on group size, availability, timing requirements and any additional services requested.